Weird Auction Listings

Weird Auction Listings

Step right up. Don't be shy. Weird eBay listings for all to see.

Can I interest you in some used gym socks? How about a two-headed cow?

These are just a couple of the weird eBay items chronicled below. The weird stuff sold on eBay will amaze and delight you.

In the posts below you'll find descriptions of some of eBay's most original, creative and just plain weird auctions.

There are strange auctions. There are funny auctions. You won't believe just how weird eBay can be, how funny eBay can be, how fun eBay can be.

If any weird auction featured below amuses you, a link is provided so you can click on through to see it live on eBay. On eBay weird stuff usually has several pictures, amazing stories, even videos. So if a post below makes you smile, clicking through to the funny eBay auction may make you laugh out loud.


This is an actual coin purse that you can put your stuff in and carry around in your pocket or purse. The frog's butt unzips and you can drop in your coins.

Click to go to this weird eBay listing.

This little froggie has one bid right now. It's at $9.95.

Weird Auction.

It's a cat carrying a pistol. No, it's a five legged ant eater. Maybe it's a unicorn!

What do you suppose this little animal cracker was supposed to be?

Click to go to this weird eBay listing.

So far there is only one bid on this... whatever this is. It's at 99 cents.

Weird Auction.

Update: This one ended at $1.29 with two bids.

The seller lists this thing as a monster claw. If you read the description, it tells you what that really is. Or maybe you can guess. Or maybe it's too horrible to know what it really is. It could be the claw of that awful monster that haunted your dreams as a child or the one that hid under your bed or in your closet. Look if you dare!

Click to go to this weird eBay listing.

This evil monster claw has one bid so far: $15.00.

Weird Auction.

Update: This one ended with two bids at $15.50.

Ring. Ring. It's for you. Were you expecting a BIG, important call? If so, this is exactly the right phone for it. This cool red desk phone must have been made for the world's biggest desk because it's almost three feet high.

Click to go to this weird eBay listing.

This one started at $1.00 and only has two bids so far. It's up to $1.25.

Weird Auction.

Update: This one got removed by eBay.

Nothing to see here. Just an ordinary green pepper. But wait, is it smiling? So do we make chili out of it or stuffed peppers? Seriously, could you eat something with such a winning smile?

Click to go to this weird eBay listing.

This one started at 99 cents and is now up to $51. This listing is actually being done to raise money for surgery for a beloved pet. There's a cute picture of the pooch on the listing too, if you'd like to see.

Weird Auction.

Update: Now this must have been some pepper. The listing ended at $155.00 with 44 bids. Really.

No, this isn't the first two-headed cow I've featured on this site. However, it has been a long time since I've featured one. After all, you can never really have too many two-headed cows.

This beauty (beauties?) is a black and white calf with, you guessed it, two heads.

Click to go to this weird eBay listing.

This one is really popular. The starting price was 99 cents. The first bidder took it up to $75 and has since bid a second time. Right now it has five bids and is up to $157.50.

Weird Auction.

Update: There were a whopping 20 bids on this one and it ended at $317.00.

Apparently it's not just cats that get hairballs. This half pound beauty came from a cow.

Click to go to this weird eBay listing.

This one started at $12.50. With three bids, it's up to $36.56.

Weird Auction.

Update: This one ended at $36.56 but there were four bids. Someone must have come to their senses and canceled a bid at some point.

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Fun & Games

These are pictures and descriptions from weird eBay listings that really didn't do well. They're all mixed up. Match the picture with the description. Some are obvious and some not so obvious.

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